SIP Trunking

Cost effective and scalable for your growing business.


Why SIP Trunking?

Using traditional TDM lines for voice communication requires two different network infrastructures, and therefore the costs associated with two networks.

SIP Trunking allows voice and data communications to utilize the same network, eliminating the need for traditional phone service and providing you the flexibility to respond to changing demands in voice and data without the expense of additional lines.

DCT SIP solutions deliver enhanced capabilities and enable you to maximize your IP PBX investment through a single IP connection.  We ensure optimal performance by closely managing your voice-optimized network for exceptional reliability, availability, security and quality of service.

With a DCT SIP Trunking solution you enjoy:


Lower Operating Costs

By combining voice and data over a single IP connection, SIP Trunking eliminates the need to purchase voice and data separately. This makes it significantly less expensive than traditional analog phone lines and PRI networks.

Reduced CapEx

DCT SIP Trunking solutions work with your existing IP PBX equipment so there is no need to spend money replacing phones and equipment.

Optimized Bandwidth

Bandwidth is automatically adjusted for voice and data traffic to ensure optimal use of your network resources. Bandwidth can be allocated to voice services as needed and then re-allocated back to data when priority voice capacity is not being used.


From scalable bandwidth options to flexible calling features and plans, you can customize a SIP solution to meet the unique requirements of your business.

A Local Presence

Virtual (non-native) DIDs enable callers outside your local calling area to reach you via numbers that are local to them, giving your business a virtual local presence in any market.

Business Continuity

Inbound calls can be automatically redirected to an alternate location(s) in the event of an interruption in service so you are always available to your customers.