VoIP Solutions Take Your Business to the Next Level

Streamline your telecommunications . . .  and your costs.

By integrating voice and data on a single network, VoIP can optimize the capacity and flexibility of your existing systems while dramatically reducing infrastructure and per call charges.

A single streamlined, updated network is faster and easier to manage, as well as being reliable, flexible and affordable.


DCT's secure IP network facilitates the highest quality of service. Built-in business continuity ensures you are available to your customers regardless of service interruption.


Connecting multiple locations over a single voice network provides a seamless user experience inside and outside your organization. Dynamically allocated bandwidth supports fluctuations in call volume and data usage, while virtual telephone numbers enable you to establish a local presence in any market.


Reduce costs and billing complexities associated with separate voice lines, phone numbers and providers, while maximizing the life of your current equipment. Centralization of services eliminates the need for additional equipment expenditures in individual locations.

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SIP Trunking

Dynamic PRI