Private Access Solutions

Secure point-to-point connectivity wherever your enterprise needs it.

DCT Private Access (Private WAN) solutions provide your business with its own high-speed private network for transferring data, voice and video communications between geographically dispersed locations -- whether across town, nationwide or around the world. You get dedicated bandwidth for high priority business applications, diverse transport paths and immediate restoration in the case of an outage.

Designed to help enhance reliability, performance and flexibility by providing services that enable next-generation technology, our private access solutions deliver:

Safe, Secure Connection

Avoid the public Internet and transfer data safely and securely over our network, where your traffic is routed privately.


Redundancies are established for the private connectivity of voice, but also for public Internet access, making the network highly resilient. DCT has the capability to provide for automatic failover to a secondary circuit to create "last mile" diversity or redundancy.


Designed for high availability, network capacity is structured to ensure that equipment issues do not diminish service in a failover scenario.

Quality of Service (QoS)

As this is a closed trusted delivery network, DCT is able to provide true QoS for real-time voice and video, as well as other traffic types.

Proactive Monitoring

DCT's management of the core, edge and customer premise equipment gives us high visibility end-to-end throughout the network. This enables us to monitor bandwidth utilization and review voice quality management (VQM) statistics to ensure stable, continuous functionality.

Dynamic Bandwidth Utilization

DCT can dynamically deliver both private and public connectivity using a single physical link and hardware. This facilitates the most efficient use of bandwidth and delivers cost savings.

Building a private network requires a partner who has expertise and network reach. Let us help you configure the solution that is right for your business.