The advantages of a large IT department at a fraction of the cost.


Most organizations need the same attributes in a data center, but the cost and operational resources required to maintain and expand these facilities can be significant.

DCT's Colocation service relieves you from the responsibility of managing and safeguarding equipment in house, by offering a cost-effective alternative for maintaining your data, server operating applications, network and communication assets in a secure, environmentally controlled facility that offers the safety and disaster recovery features most companies don't have the room or budget to accommodate.

DCT's Colocation solutions include:


24x7x365 monitoring and support by our experienced personnel.


Sophisticated security features including alarms, video surveillance and controlled access.

Redundant Infrastructure

Environmental control systems, redundant power sources, multiple data paths and multiple backbone access.

Peace of Mind

The assurance of back-up and redundancy outside of your own location.


The ability to help meet today's ever changing number of government and industry-mandated regulatory requirements.


The capacity to scale as your needs grow.


Customize your solution based on your unique needs and operations.


Upgrade bandwidth and space faster than onsite implementations.