Cloud Services Meet the Diverse Needs of Your Business

Increase your computing capabilities with Northeast Ohio’s leading provider of cloud services.

Through cloud services, DCT reduces the complexity associated with traditional IT approaches by taking responsibility for managing your hardware and software and delivering computing and shared data through virtualized resources.

You buy access to cloud computing and cloud storage resources on demand, enabling you to move capital equipment costs off your balance sheet and turn them into a monthly expense.

You Enjoy:

Scalability and Flexibility

Quickly add services, make changes on demand, and scale as your needs change.


Improve administration, upgrade software seamlessly, and eliminate the hassle of managing multiple vendors.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Reduce CapEx and gain a predictable monthly expense that improves cash flow.

Privacy and Security

Built-in security, redundancy and disaster recovery enables you to leverage the cloud without the risk.

Improved Productivity

Eliminate the time valuable employees spend on maintaining and repairing equipment and focus them on more strategic objectives.

Better Business Results

Run your business, not your hardware.

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Hosted Exchange



Case Study | Quadax

Quadax puts a premium on their customer’s experience and continued compliance to protect and ensure security of all their data. Because of a tremendous growth phase over the last ten years they had outgrown the current infrastructure in many facets and were progressively looking forward to tackle several challenges. Especially important was integrating best of breed technologies as part of a long term strategy for their ever growing data storage needs. Their existing copper based PBX system was limiting their ability to improve performance in the call center. Additionally, they wanted to explore the potential benefits VoIP could offer.

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