Cloud Phone Systems Combine Innovation and Simplicity

Attain the cost savings, flexibility and quality that is crucial to your business.

Free yourself from managing carriers, phone systems and vendors and provide advanced end-user features and world-class voice services to any user, in any location, for a predictable monthly fee.

With DCT’s cloud-based communications solution (also known as hosted VoIP, hosted PBX or IP PBX), you enjoy the flexibility of hosted services with the call quality and control that ensures your customers reach you when they need to.

There is no complex hardware to install or maintain, and no technical expertise is required to manage and use your phone system.

Why move your communications to the DCT cloud?

Enjoy Superior Quality & Unrivaled Reliability

Built on a superior network architecture, DCT's cloud phone systems deliver the clarity, consistency and reliable service that is crucial to your business -- every time you pick up the phone.

Improve Your Bottom Line

Reduce your monthly communication expenses with free in-network calling and unlimited usage, while eliminating the capital required to purchase new equipment.


Enjoy built-in disaster recovery/business continuity features. The off-premise nature of a hosted IP phone system means that your business remains operational regardless of what happens at your physical location. With multiple failover options, your business stays up and running under all circumstances.

Enable Remote Workers & Road Warriors to Be More Efficient

DCT's Hosted VoIP provides mobile and remote employees access to the same tools as employees in the office. "Find Me, Follow Me", "Anywhere", click-to-dial control, unified messaging, and other features enable your team to be more efficient regardless of their location.

Facilitate Ease of Use

With DCT's powerful and easy-to-use Administrator Portal, your staff has administrative control to manage their communications system in their own time without racking up costly move, add and change fees. End users can easily configure their own services through the Personal Portal with the simple click of a mouse.

Manage Only One Inbox

Unified messaging delivers multiple types of messaging (voicemail, email and fax) to a single email inbox. Your users can share and manage their communications in the most convenient and effective way.

The following features further enhance your DCT cloud-based phone system:

The DCT Portal

The DCT Portal provides web-based access to both administrative and end user features of DCT's cloud communications solutions.

The Administrator Portal grants full access for IT administrators and other identified personnel to control all aspects of your organization's telephony features, including:

  • Account Detail:  View which services you have installed at which locations including the cost, activation date and quantity of each service.
  • Telephony Control:  Manage all features with just a few clicks. Make moves, adds and changes with no hassles and no fees. Set and reset voicemail passwords and manage call flow/control, music on hold, call centers, reporting, ACD, hunt groups, conferencing and more.

The Personal Portal gives each individual user point-and-click control over their telephony settings:

  • Set preferences and manage all call features including voicemail, unified messaging, simultaneous ring, call forwarding, Do Not Disturb, remote office and conferencing services.
  • Seamlessly search corporate directories, view call history and utilize convenient click-to-dial functionality.

Receptionist Console

The DCT Receptionist Console gives receptionists and administrators an intuitive tool to manage incoming calls. This PC application provides a user-friendly interface to perform all typical call control functions, while providing additional productivity enhancing features.

  • Point-and-click interface for answer, transfer, and place call.
  • Drag and drop to transfer or create conference calls.
  • Choose destination of outgoing calls as desk phone, mobile phone, voicemail, or even create an email message.
  • Audio still delivered via desk phone.
  • Icon-based user status (busy, idle, do not disturb, etc.).
  • Integrates with DCT Call Center for managing calls into queues.
  • Corporate, Outlook and LDAP directories integrated on-screen.
  • Allows for directed call pickup of any line.

Call Recording

DCT's Call Recording solution provides you with an "always on, always available" service that helps ensure quality management, compliance certainty, and liability protection. Hosted in a private cloud, you'll gain greater reliability, security, and back-up without the risks of onsite server failure and related hardware issues.

  • Broad range of features:  Gain access to indexed recordings, live monitoring, tagging and reporting.
  • Flexible setup options:  Multiple delivery models and portal views provide access to only the recordings you want to see.
  • Centralized management:  Manage group assignments and monitor calls, regardless of agent locations.
  • Accessibility:  Search, retrieve and play back recorded calls based on criteria such as the agent, duration, calling party, date/time, etc.
  • Control:  Provide supervisors with unmatched control over agent and user quality, and allow administrators point-and-click configuration through our convenient web portal.

Case Study | Akron Hardware

Past experiences in dealing with alternative service providers had been poor and Akron Hardware had chosen to return to a traditional “big carrier” for voice and data services. While the actual telecommunications services proved reliable, customer service and billing were difficult to manage. While paying a premium for reliable service was acceptable, Akron Hardware was interested in leveraging the latest services and technologies to meet the ever increasing demands of its customers.

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