Cloud Call Centers
Deliver Real Business Value

The solutions you need to differentiate your customer experience.


Why Cloud Call Centers?

In today's highly competitive environment, your contact center is the lifeblood of your organization, and anything you can do to improve agent results and customer experience is a major win for the business.

By establishing a single, cloud-based call center, businesses can easily streamline operations and maximize staffing. Managers can experience unparalleled control and visibility into their virtual call center ecosystem through advanced features such as reporting and call recording, as well as exclusive dashboard and administrator tools.  Cloud-based call centers such as DCT's enable you to integrate with multiple CRM applications, personalize interactions for each customer, and deliver world-class customer service. Leverage DCT's redundant and compliant cloud architecture to enable business continuity while also unifying multiple locations and remote agents on a single, integrated platform.

The DCT Cloud Call Center Solution

DCT's multi-channel call center provides organizations with a sophisticated, cloud-based service that delivers real business value. It provides your call center managers with more control and deeper insight into operations that can't be achieved with cumbersome on-site equipment and systems.

Reporting & Business Intelligence

Leverage real-time reports in an ad hoc or scheduled manner, build custom reports and visualizations, and connect operational data sources for a holistic view of your operation.

Call Recording & Quality Management

Record all or some of your agent's calls and screen interactions, assign tags for QA/workflow purposes, and evaluate agents via customer scorecards.

Web-Based Administration & Control

Provide supervisors with unmatched control over agent productivity and allow administrators point-and-click configuration. Manage queue activity, monitor calls regardless of agent location and reroute them with a click of the mouse.

Platform Extensibility

Utilize pre-built integrations into various messaging, collaboration, CRM and workforce management solutions. Standards-based APIs enable integration with internally developed or 3rd party applications.


Support unexpected peaks with unlimited call capacity while leveraging a single ACD across the entire enterprise/multiple locations. Increase and decrease costs with seasonality and growth.

Lower TCO

Significantly reduce traditional telecom expense and maintenance costs while eliminating CapEx for new equipment, software, licenses or upgrades. 

DCT's platform is designed to deliver all of the features needed to support a world-class contact center, including:


  • Omni-channel:  Communicate with clients using their preferred method -- calls, text/SMS, email, web chat, web callback and social media.
  • PBX and ACD:  We provide a fully integrated solution or leverage your existing PBX.
  • Contact History/Screen Pop:  "Telephony enable" your CRM and business applications or leverage the existing CRM to provide an integrated client history across all communication channels.
  • Work from Anywhere:  Allow your agents and supervisors to operate from any location without any loss of functionality.
  • Real-time and Scheduled Callbacks:  Offer callers the convenience of a callback instead of waiting for an agent.
  • Visual Call Flows:  Visually build advanced call flows that offer self-service applications, data-driven routing, and personalized client interactions.
  • Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery:  Operate your call center regardless of technology, power or carrier failures.
  • Dedicated Team:  Our call center experts will customize and design the best solution that fits the strategy of your organization and are available any time you need them.