Case Study | Scott Fetzer

Thorough analysis provided seamless conversion

Our Client

Scott Fetzer is a diversified manufacturer of consumer, commercial and industrial products. It is a holding company for a group of over 20 businesses with more than 50 locations across the U.S.

The Challenge

Certain aspects of corporate telecom were centrally managed with services provided by the same carrier for over 15 years.  Customer service and responsiveness had dropped off. Ongoing billing and administrative issues were difficult to resolve and technical issues had become increasingly difficult to deal with.  Employee turnover at the existing carrier made it hard to gain traction with regard to resolving problems, executing change orders, updating services, etc.

Other aspects of corporate telecom were locally managed.  This resulted in dozens of invoices from multiple providers of local, long distance and data services.  Pricing was often out of date and significantly above current market prices.  Legacy services were often wasteful and very expensive.  Unused and out of date services were widely in use across the enterprise and there was no single point of contact to provide a comprehensive management strategy.

DCT Solutions

Traditional contract review had entailed a competitive bidding process focusing on cost per minute, cost of access, fees and other related charges.  DCT recommended a more thorough approach which entailed a complete review of all service providers, contracts, configurations and invoices.  DCT’s account management team visited multiple subsidiary companies to meet with and establish relationships with the local contacts and to gain a better understanding of their present telecom environment as well as challenges and goals.

A complete review of services, carriers, contracts and configurations resulted in significant upgrades in technology, streamlined invoicing and account management, and produced savings of over $600,000.  In addition, the process for dealing with Scott Fetzer’s various local providers was off-loaded to DCT, resulting in greatly improved resolution intervals for all manner of service, billing and technical issues.

Sticking points included dealing with the administrative aspects of a conversion of this magnitude and the risk of downtime during the deployment of new services.  DCT conducted a complete inventory of every service down to detailing every individual line number and DID station and presented each local manager with a comprehensive implementation strategy.  Working in conjunction with local managers and their voice and data equipment vendors, DCT was able to implement the entire solution in less than 90 days with no interruption of service and no ongoing billing of services from the previous provider.

Today, DCT’s original account team continues to manage all aspects of Scott Fetzer’s corporate voice and data services and has established strong relationships with all local managers.  This intimate knowledge has allowed Scott Fetzer and its subsidiaries to carefully consider all options and make strategic long term decisions regarding the ongoing management of its networks. Emerging technologies including SIP and Hosted VoIP have been deployed without capital expense, yielding significant reductions in overhead and improved customer relationship management.

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