Case Study | Quadax

Improving customer experience with secure cloud solutions

Our Client

Quadax is a third-party medical billing provider processing over 40 million electronic transactions every year. Quadax employs over 600 people across five locations with more than 400 employees at its corporate headquarters.

Quadax puts a premium on its customers’ experience and continued compliance to protect and ensure security of all their data.  Because of a tremendous growth phase over the last 10 years they had outgrown their current infrastructure in many facets and were progressively looking forward to tackling several challenges. Especially important was integrating best of breed technologies as part of a long term strategy for their ever-growing data storage needs. Their existing copper-based PBX system was limiting their ability to improve performance in the call center.  Additionally, they wanted to explore the potential benefits VoIP could offer.

The Challenge

With a move imminent, Quadax’s key IT decision makers wanted to create a strategy to transition easily to a new headquarters with little to no impact on their clients, as well as upgrade their business continuity and disaster recovery plans.

Anticipating their move to new corporate offices in 2007, Quadax’s team consulted with DCT to explore possibilities during this transition.  The consulting role that DCT played during this complex two-year project included providing guidance on the acquisition and installation of a new IP PBX, locating and introducing reliable vendors to install and support the application, helping to identify viable off-site data center solutions, and assisting Quadax in selection and execution.

DCT Solutions

Through the purchase of a premise-based IP PBX, the move to the new corporate offices was made more transparent to Quadax’s users and customers by deployment of SIP services allowing them to retain telephone numbers which had been widely published and in use for many years.  With fully redundant dual private facilities to the off-site data center, Quadax was able to redirect resources toward improving their customer’s experience instead of expensive construction, maintenance and environmental costs.

Key considerations in the decision requiring prior analysis included the viability of outsourcing the physical data center, locating a viable managed solution for certain backup requirements, and improving upon business continuity and disaster recovery strategies. DCT was able to offer extremely flexible proof-of-concept terms, along with performance guarantees which made outsourcing to a data center low risk.  Armed with this confidence the customer was in a position to move forward with the projects.

DCT’s partnership helped Quadax achieve their vision of securely storing their data in geographically diverse data environments.  The IP PBX has helped streamline and improve their customer’s experience.  DCT provides all voice, data and IP services and the relationship continues to evolve as DCT offers key strategic advice on all aspects of Quadax’s data and voice services including emerging technologies such as Hosted Exchange.

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