Case Study | GroupeSTAHL

Telecom audit for consolidating solutions

Our Client

GroupeSTAHL, the world’s largest manufacturer and reseller of heat presses and related equipment, is a global organization with seven domestic locations and 17 international divisions serving over 50,000 active accounts.

The Challenge

In 2004 Transfer Express was acquired by GroupeSTAHL and the key IT decision maker was tasked with integrating and consolidating the organizations.  Each division possessed unique products and processes and each division had its own IT infrastructure and vendors.  A thorough audit of established practices at each division identified inefficiencies in telecommunications practices and a need for a strategic plan to consolidate services under a single management umbrella, eliminate waste and streamline the invoicing and service delivery process.  Another urgent priority was to provide a network which would enable the organization to share email, intranets and data storage, as well as provide redundancy and disaster recovery.

DCT Solutions

DCT had developed a partnership with Transfer Express prior to the acquisition by GroupeSTAHL and was called upon to recommend solutions which would accomplish the immediate goals of network upgrades and consolidations while simultaneously providing better economy and productivity.  This decision was based largely on past experiences where DCT was able to work closely with internal staff to develop customized solutions and implement them with close attention to detail, minimum downtime and disruption, and avoidance of overlapping charges often associated with complex transitions.

The result of this effort led to the implementation of an MPLS network which tied together the seven domestic sites and provided almost immediate results. GroupeSTAHL is now able to provide access to a central database repository used to cultivate new business relationships throughout the enterprise. This ability to securely share systems allows cross-selling throughout the organization and has dramatically improved both sales results and efficiencies.  Networks, email and security have all been consolidated and additional redundancy has been provided which is a key component of disaster recovery initiatives.

Today, DCT continues to manage all voice and data, enabling GroupeSTAHL to adjust and grow with their needs. Whether it’s adding a new international location, upgrading existing domestic locations, or adjusting customized feature sets, DCT allows GroupeSTAHL to stay ahead of the curve and remain on the cutting edge of the most up-to-date technology in the industry.

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