Brennan Industries

Robust design upgrades for substantial cost savings

Our Client

Brennan Industries is one of the world’s premier manufacturers of hydraulic fittings and adapters. It has seven distribution centers across the United States and Canada offering more than 25,000 different products for all kinds of equipment.

The Challenge

Brennan Industries had an outdated, complex and expensive WAN design which was having a negative impact on day-to-day business as well as the bottom line.  Repeated attempts to engage their existing carrier to identify alternatives and solutions were fruitless and even resolving the most routine customer service matters was a frustrating experience. Compounding the problem was a legacy PBX which was not meeting their needs.  A standalone upgrade to the PBX was cost prohibitive but maintaining the status quo was a poor option as it would not allow Brennan to leverage the most current technology.

A desire to upgrade infrastructure and technology was tempered by the perceived pain and aggravation associated with change.  Brennan Industries had not changed their network in many years, had multiple Internet and point-to-point connections with a variety of carriers, and limited IT support to manage the process.  To even contemplate such a project, the key decision makers needed absolute confidence in both the design and reliability of the new network as well as DCT’s ability to implement and manage the new services into the future.

DCT Solutions

To alleviate these concerns DCT invited Brennan to meet our team of experts who would be responsible for the design, implementation and management of their account, and to speak with several of our existing customers to learn about their experiences in similar circumstances.

The project began with a clearly defined goal of upgrading the existing WAN design, improving bandwidth, consolidating account management and creating enough savings to replace the legacy phone system with an up-to-date VoIP-capable IP PBX.  Ultimately the new design leveraged technologies such as Ethernet and MPLS, which in conjunction with some more traditional services such as ISDN PRI and point-to-point circuits, delivered a significantly more robust network.  The newer, faster and more cost competitive technologies resulted in a 50% reduction in operating costs and those savings were used to offset the purchase of a new IP PBX.

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